Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Anime Afternoon schedule change!

This year's Anime Afternoon will be on April 29th!

I hope you all can make it. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

We have new and upcoming additions to our anime collection!

On the shelves now is the complete Allison & Lillia, a lighthearted adventure series. In Part One, rookie pilot Allison and her sharpshooter friend Will discover a secret that ends a centuries-old war, and take part in helping to build a peaceful future. In Part Two, Allison's daughter Lillia and her friend Treize work to protect that peace from those who prefer the profits of war. (subtitled)

Waiting in the wings to be added to the catalog is the zany school comedy Nichijou! If you love Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, be prepared for the next level of total insanity, where you never know what epic battles will rage outside the window when you are sent to stand in the hallway, what lengths your classmate will go to to prevent anyone seeing her naughty drawings, or what strange special features a bratty eight-year-old inventor will build into your robotic friend next.(subtitled)

Coming up on pre-order:

Steins: Gate, the movie! If you have not watched the epic time-travel series yet, now is a good time, because there's a follow-up movie coming to your library. (English dubbed)

Kokoro Connect: What happens when a group of high school students mysteriously starts switching bodies?(English dubbed)

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? (17+) An eager young adventurer looking for love sets out to rescue helpless maidens in distress, only to discover that he is the one in need of rescue!(English dubbed)

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