Monday, November 23, 2009

Rearranging the schedule...

Well, after watching Up, it is a great movie, but not the toddler-pleaser we need for the Shop N Drop days, so we are doing a quick rearrangement of our December movie schedule. See you all then!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trioscopic 3D

The recent wave of 3D movies all use the new green and magenta Trioscopic 3D glasses. Recently, someone failed to return our glasses from Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the library checking it in failed to notice. Replacements have to be ordered in bundles of 50.

The good news in this is--we now have enough 3D glasses to have a 3D movie night!

We will be showing a 3D short with the upcoming Monsters and Aliens movie night, but an entire movie would be cooler still.

What do you think? Journey to the Center of the Earth? Coraline? My Bloody Valentine? Some other 3D film I don't know about yet? Let me know what you want to see!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anime Halloween: License to Cosplay

I've been hoping to make our next Anime Afternoon some time in October, and this year Halloween is on a Saturday, so--Anime Halloween!

As an added incentive, anyone dressing up as an anime character (or, heck--anything else cool) will get a special bonus! Not sure yet what that will be, considering we already have door prizes and free food, but I'm thinking, and will be glad to consider suggestions.

We will have a really special door prize this session, as well--a Hellsing Ultimate messenger bag, provided by It's so nice I almost decided to keep it myself!

More announcements later.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Outdoor Movie update

The outdoor movie will now be on Monday the 24th, due to scheduling conflicts and other snafus. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer movies

Videos fly off the shelves in Summer, but most major new video releases are in Spring and Fall, which makes this a slow season for movie buying.

One popular new addition that Wallace and Gromit fans may enjoy are three DVDs of Shaun the Sheep.

We have also added two new anime series, Black Blood Brothers--a vampire tale--and the highly-rated Kanon, th3e story of a boy with amnesia who returns to his childhood home to regain his memories.

A complete set of the four Fast and the Furious movies has also been added to our shelves.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Outdoor Movie!

Everyone looks forward to our outdoor movies, I know. This year, we will only be having one. We will be showing the last Harry Potter movie to be released on DVD! And there will be a drawing for free movie passes, and a drawing to be the very first person allowed to check out Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from our library, when it is released to video.

So, get your lawn chairs, blankets and mosquito spray ready for August 24th, when the Library Movie braves the Great Outdoors! (Note: if it rains, we will change to the 25th.)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's new in the movies!

Recently we've added the first two seasons of MonsterQuest to the shelves. This is the History Channel's series where they go out looking for cryptozological creatures such as Bigfoot, Chupacabras, and more. You may be particularly interested in the episode American Werewolf, which takes place in Southern Wisconsin and features the Bray Road Beast. (Never heard of it? Check out our book on the critter!) Wisconsin is also mentioned in the chapter on gigantic and dangerous freshwater fish.

We have also added the Underworld trilogy. Need more vampires and werewolves between Twilight films? Look for Underworld on our shelves (as soon as I've finished watching it!)

Sounds a bit Gothy for midsummer, doesn't it? I've recently discovered the work of Goth singer/artist Aurelio Voltaire, and am listening to his CDs nonstop. His graphic novel, The Book of Deady, about an ugly teddy bear possessed by an evil alien, is on our shelves now in the Young Adult section. Coming soon is his previous work, Oh My Goth! and Deady Sings!, a CD sampler containing some of Voltaire's most morbidly funny songs. (I don't buy the music for Seymour, but if there is enough interest, I will see to it that more Voltaire gets on our shelves.) Check out his website for streaming music and even an online Deady video game!

Also new in the graphic novel sections, we have acquired almost all of the manga series Eyeshield 21, an action/comedy Shonen Jump series about school football players.

Back to Gothyness, Elizabeth is going to have some passes to Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince you can win! More details when I have them!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer's here!

School is coming to a close, and the movie schedule is being jostled around other events--but we will still be showing films! Expect a couple of game nights on Friday as well!

The Anime Afternoon was a great success, with more attendance than any previous time. A fun time was had by all, and nobody died of the Japanese curry cooked by me. Since then, we've added the disrespected but still amusing anime, Trouble Chocolate, to the library shelves. Featuring the greatest love story between a Frankenstein and a vampire ever told. (Heh!)

No news yet on any outdoor movies, but we generally have a few around August, when it gets dark early enough and is not yet too cold. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anime afternoon! Wheeee!

Instead of a Friday evening movie, this week is our thirteenth Anime Afternoon, a special event where we watch a marathon of Japanese cartoons. It lasts from 4pm to midnight, but anyone can leave when they want and arrive when they want, because the shows are all around half an hour long.

We do advise that anime is intended for teen to adult audiences, as these programs might contain anything fom mild swearing and disturbing foreign customs to full nudity and extreme violence.

We will have some door proizes--mostly back issues of Shonen Jump--and as always will have some snacks and sandwich fixin's. This year I am attempting to make the infamous Japanese-style curry rice for all--whee!

This Saturday should be entertaining, because in addition to our old favorites, many new titles have been added to the library system. Seymour's newest addition is the full series Negima! (Rightstuf had the $90 box set on sale for $24! Woo hoo!) The Appleton library has added Shin-chan and Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit to the mix, and I'll be bringing some new weird stuff from my personal collection, including The Legend of Black Heaven, Kujibiki Unbalance, Genshiken and Gatchaman.

Hope to see all you smiling, happy Otaku on Saturday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New non-fiction videos at the Muehl Public Library

We try to keep 'em interesting and informative! This month we are adding:

Ricky Tims presents Grand Finale--Machine quilting and finishing.

Arctic Dinosaurs--from Nova. We know you love dinos!

Escape to Chimp Eden--about abused and abandoned pet chimps being rehabilitated.

Drop-Shot Secrets Revealed: Most Effective Fishing Technique for Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Trout, Perch, and all fish that swim!

Fishing with Roland Martin

And in response to a request for videos about whales:
Whale Wars--environmentalists confront whalers on the open ocean!
Whales: an unforgettable journey

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whew! We had a big movie night yesterday--nearly 60 attended Madagascar 2! Everyone agreed it was a great movie. Thanks for coming!

This month I've gone a little hog-wild with the anime budget. Yes, of course, we are still ordering a variety of family movies and new releases!

But I have recently added two classic anime series. Love Hina is a famous 'harem' anime. Keitaro, who failed his college entrance exams, becomes the manager of an all-girls' dormitory as he studies to try again next year. Most of the girls have crushes on him, a few beat him up regularly, and one of them may be his mysterious childhood friend, to whom he made a promise that they would attend Tokyo University together.

Also, after an intense Ebay struggle, we got both seasons (and the Extra Class disc)of School Rumble, the classic high school romantic comedy. The main character is a goofy girl named Tenma. She has a crush on Kurasawa, who doesn't know she exists. Meanwhile, Harima, the school delinquent dropout, has returned to school because of his crush on Tenma (who doesn't know he exists.) And so it goes...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie lineup change

After previewing City of Ember, I've decided to bump it off the lineup of upcoming movies in favor of a newly released animated film I just discovered.

(Not saying anything's wrong with City of Ember, the new film will just make a better all-audiences movie.)

See you Friday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's the season for big, hot, green movies!

When March rolls around and snow is dumping down everywhere, that's when I crave jungle movies and tropical island movies! Anything to get lots of green on the screen.

CONGO is one of my favorite winter-busting movies. An expedition to return a sign-language-trained gorilla to the wild is used as cover for the actions of a communications company searching for their lost employees and an unscrupulous adventurer seeking King Solomon's diamond mines. Jungle hikes, whitewater rafting, and even an erupting volcano ought to warm your winter-ridden heart.

Disney's Tarzan is another favorite. Disney's most expensive animated movie of all time, so far. You might never again see the kind of care and detail that was lavished on animating the jungle envionment. The warm Hawaiian setting of Lilo and Stitch makes it another great cartoon for the winter.

What are your favorite winter movies?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Movies at the library

They are free
There is free popcorn
There is free soda (in limited amounts)
There is NOT free babysitting: stay with your kids if they're too young to be alone.
We have movies about every other week, though the schedule is flexible.
The movies are projected on the wall of our meeting room.
Movies are not always pre-screened. We will warn you on the posters if it's rated PG-13 or higher.
We usually show a cartoon or short film before the actual movie for people who show up early (or late!)

Hope to see you at the movies!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to MovieSoup!

In this blog, I'll be posting news and information about the latest movies and showtimes at Muehl Public Library in Seymour, Wisconsin! Patrons of the Muehl Public Library, please feel free to post comments, requests and questions here if you have any for the Seymour Movie Diva! (I'm Colette, the one in the wolf T-shirt. Yeah, that's me.)

What's new and exciting?!

We just cashed in our Disney Movie Rewards points (yes, we save them! If you don't, and buy Disney movies we don't own, feel free to donate!) and got three Disney Movie Club releases.

So Dear To My Heart--This is the story of a boy raising a lamb for the county fair. It's live with some animated segments, and this is the first DVD release of it, I believe.
Little Dog Lost--The story of a lost Welsh Corgi, and its attempt to find a home. Based on the book Candy Come Home, Corgi owners have been pestering Disney to rerelease this one on video for ages.
Stub, the Best Cowdog in the West--Three cowdogs help a rancher hunt down a wild Brahma bull.

We have new anime as well! I'm especially fond of these Japanese animated series, so you'll hear a lot about this stuff.

The Wallfower--Sunako is scarred for life when the boy she confesses her love to tells her, "I don't like ugly girls." She becomes a terrifying, morbid Goth horror-movie fanatic. Her rich Auntie dumps her on the four pretty boys who rent her mansion, warning them that unless they can turn her into a proper lady, their rent will be tripled. Oh, no!

Death Note--Light Yagami seems like the perfect high school student. But then he finds a notebook dropped by a bored death god. The person whose name is written in the Death Note will die. Light decides to bring justice to the world by killing off all the criminals. Soon the wave of deaths is being investigated by the genius detective known only as "L." Will L discover the murderer's identity before Light learns his name? Nail-biting suspense in this cat-and-mouse thriller! The library has acquired the box set containing the first 20 episodes of the series, as well as the live-action moview based on it! (And the second Death Note movie will be arriving soon!)

Hope to see you around the library!