Monday, October 25, 2010

How Anime Afternoon works

Since somebody asked in the comments, I will let you know how Anime Afternoon is run.

There is no charge for anything.

It runs from 4pm to midnight on Saturday, Oct 30.

We will have around a hundred Anime titles available! Most are owned by the library system, some are on loan from the private collections of participants.

We try to keep to anime rated for 13-14 year olds up till 8pm. After that, we need any younger kids to go, because we allow people to choose programs with more mature content.

We draw names, and the person whose name is picked gets to choose the next title we watch. There will be food and soda available. We have door prizes, but it's small stuff--second-hand mangas, stickers, library discarded DVDs, back issues of Shonen Jump, that sort of thing. There is no charge of any sort for anything, although donations of any sort are always welcome!

We encourage cosplaying (dressing up as an anime character!)

I hope that answers any questions! If not, call us at the library-- 920-833-2725 -- and ask for Colette!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anime! Anime! Anime! :D

I'm very excited about our second Anime Halloween! We will have more anime titles available than ever before! Not only have several other libraries added new titles, so have we, including the highly popular Hetalia: Axis Powers and the football comedy, Eyeshield 21. We will have curry rice and Taiyaki and Pocky, as usual. :)

If there is enough interest, we may do an Anime Christmas event...not as long and grueling, though. Maybe show Tokyo Godfathers and the Love Hina Christmas movie, and a couple of Christmas-themed anime episodes.

One note on attending our Anime event this October 30th: Most of our programs are rated for age 13 and up. But not all. In the evening we allow people to choose more mature programs to watch, closer to Rated R/ TV-MA. Anyone under the age of at least 13 should be heading home by 8.