Friday, December 21, 2012

December Splurge!

Sorry there have been no Friday Night movies posted! For the last few months we've had a budget freeze, and so I was unsure what movies we would have available, and when. But the freeze is over, and we're having fun spending the rest of our year's budget! When you come in, you may find plenty of new movies and books available! Friday Night movies will start up again after the holidays, on January 11th. See you then!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exciting lineup!

We have quite a few exciting movies lined up for Friday nights until the end of the year! Next time you are in the library, check the Coming Up poster near the DVD section. Included is our annual Anime Halloween event, with the usual delicious curry, entertaining anime, and all-around fun. Saturday, October 27!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's That Movie?

Some of you who've been in the library might have noticed a difference on the movie posters: the movie titles!

I'm not sure if it was a change or a clarification, but on reading Movie Licensing USA's info recently, I found out that we are allowed to advertise the movie titles on flyers and posters inside the library!

But not publicly on TV, or radio, or here on the internet. So, I'm afraid the blog will still leave you guessing!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our new anime license!

It seems I posted at just the wrong time last May, when I mentioned that anime companies allow free screenings to clubs and libraries. Funimation, apparently since January, no longer allows free screenings. However, they do sell a licensing permit through Movie Licensing USA, the same company we get our movie screening license from. It does cost extra, but we now also have an Anime license, courtesy of the Friends of the Library, which allows us to show any Funimation products whenever we like, without requesting prior permission.

It seems as likely as not that other anime companies may follow suit, which will make our license even more necessary. But, for the sake of small libraries and groups who can't afford the license, I hope they carry on with the free permissions. (On the other hand, it would save me from the effort of sending out all those requests before each anime event.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Outdoor movies coming up!

As every summer, we will have two outdoor movies in August!

The movies begin as soon as it is dark enough to see the screen (usually around 8-8:30.)

You may want to bring the following items to our outdoor movies:

A chair and/or blanket to sit on
Bug spray
A jacket in case of cold weather
An umbrella in case of light rain

In case of heavy rain, we will move indoors.

Hope to see you there, and have an awesome summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Movie change

Due to terrible, terrible online reviews, we have taken Animals United off the movie list! It will still be available to check out at the library. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Captain, we are fully functional! And, Summer Wars

Well, almost. We are awaiting the delivery of one short cable from Amazon, but by this Friday's movie, the new projection system will be completely ready, with overhead projection, stereo sound, hi-def, and across-the-front seating! No more "Get your shadow out of the picture, kid" unless the kids are really tall!

Many thanks to Dan for stringing the wires, and to Ashley Davis for help with set-up!

Our movie screening contract prohibits us from advertising the titles of movies we are showing, but anime is not covered by our contract and screening permission must be requested directly from the anime companies (who almost always agree.)

Therefore, if Funimation approves our request to show Summer Wars, last year's big hit movie, we can advertise the title all we like! It's an action comedy about a boy who is dragged along to a family reunion, only to get involved in battling a computer virus that is about to take over the virtual world of Oz. It's a great, very fun movie. Parents might want to be warned, though, that there is a fair amount of swearing and a few other questionable scenes. (It is rated PG.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

New toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's movie will be the first shown with our new, high-definition projector, for the very best quality picture yet! Woot! There was a little difficulty getting it set up. The default aspect ratio had to be changed in the blu-ray player, and we could no longer use our old audio cable and had to figure out how to make the amp work with an alternate hook-up. But it all seems to be working now! And we should be able to control the volume with a remote, which means no more sneaking up in front of you to crank the volume! :D Best of all, we hope to install a ceiling mount for the projector eventually. When that happens, people will be able to sit right down the center of the floor without blocking the projector. We're just waiting for Dan to figure out how to attach it up there without breaking the ceiling tiles or shorting out the lights. Hope to see you all soon for more and better movie viewing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last weekend's Anime Afternoon was or biggest ever, with around 35 people attending. Hope you all had fun! We got to see some of our brand-new titles such as Jellyfish Princess, along with many older favorites like Excel Saga, Naruto, and Black Butler. The audience was awesome!

Summer is coming, and the summer reading program. Be sure to watch for announcements about our annual outdoor movies! This year's possible candidates for outdoor viewing are The Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax, though the decision isn't final by any means.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Sorry it's been so long since I updated the Friday movie list! I hope you've been checking in with us to see what's been showing though March.

The library book sale will be on April 27 and 28! Lots of DVDs and VHSs will be in the sale!

Preparations are under way for April 21's Anime Afternoon, and we're very excited. For the first time officially this year, we are adding the rule that younger children (under 13) may be present, but must leave by 8 pm. Anime with more mature themes, gore and seriously inappropriate material will be held until after 8.

NOTE: We can not guarantee the family-friendliness of all shows shown earlier, though: there may be swearing, nudity, risque humor, or unexpected content in almost any program. We suggest a parent attend with any under-13 children.

The library is continuing to add the hottest new anime releases as they come out. Apart from Fairy Tail and Rideback, we have continued with more Hetalia, as well as adding Broken Blade, the classic Genshiken, and Princess Jellyfish. On order are the complete K-On! and Season 2 of Black Butler! (I hope we will have them in time for the event!) In addition, we have replaced our timeworn Fruits Basket and Trigun with new, compact box sets.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New year, new budget

It's always exciting after the end of the year, when the budget is used up, to be free to order lots of movies again!

Sci-Fi fans will be glad to notice we've added the complete Farscape series and follow-up movie, The Peacekeeper War. Also Crusade, the short-lived spinoff of Babylon 5. By request, we may also be getting Earth2.

Anime fans will be glad to know we'll be adding Fairy Tail (Fantasy/comedy/action about a wizard's guild) and Rideback (Action drama, about an ex-ballerina who becomes a mecha-motorcycle rider and gets involved in a revolution) as soon as cataloging gets them into the computer system.

And, of course, we've been adding plenty of high-interest mainstream movies as well, plus foreign films and non-fiction. Check out My Secret Cache, a Japanese comedy about a girl obsessed with money, or the Canadian film, Gunless, a western where American gunfighter The Montana Kid ends up in a small Canadian town where nobody has a decent pistol.

The next Anime Afternoon is planned for April 21--put it on your calendar!