Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Outdoor Movie

This summer's outdoor movie is scheduled on Wednesday, August 18th. (Rain day on Thursday.) The summer reading program theme this year will be Make a Splash at the Library!

So, what splashy movie would you like to see on the outdoor movie night? The Little Mermaid? Help, I'm a Fish? Free Willy?

Suggestions strongly encouraged!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New 3D films at the Seymour library!

I've always loved 3D, from Viewmaster slides and 3D comics to mind-boggling films like Avatar. It's always a pleasure to add more 3D films to our collection, and the current number of releases is making me a very happy camper! You have to be careful when buying 3D movies though: some require special 3D electronic equipment. We try to buy only the ones requiring simple paper glasses.

Recently we've added National Geographic's 3D film, Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. It's a documentary about fossil hunters, and an excitingly animated recreation of the lives of the aquatic creatures they dig up. The 3D effects are weak in some scenes, but fantastic in others. (red and blue glasses)

Coming soon is Fly Me To The Moon, the story of three young flies who accidentally go up with the Apollo 11 mission. We might make a Movie Night out of this one!

Movies we already own in 3D:

Blue and Red glasses:
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl
Spy Kids 3D
Santa vs the Snowman
Shrek 3D

Trioscopic (purple and green glasses)
Journey to the Center of the Earth
B.O.B.'s Big Break

Monday, May 3, 2010

Biggest Ever Anime Afternoon!

Last Saturday was our anime afternoon, and with 21 people turning up, it was our most widely attended anime event ever! We kicked off with Ouran High School Host Club, but Bleach was the most popular choice, with three people choosing to watch episodes of soul-reaping action. We also saw two episodes of Red Garden, Seymour's newest anime title.

Thanks to all who showed up, and to those who brought their own anime and treats to share!