Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New year, new budget

It's always exciting after the end of the year, when the budget is used up, to be free to order lots of movies again!

Sci-Fi fans will be glad to notice we've added the complete Farscape series and follow-up movie, The Peacekeeper War. Also Crusade, the short-lived spinoff of Babylon 5. By request, we may also be getting Earth2.

Anime fans will be glad to know we'll be adding Fairy Tail (Fantasy/comedy/action about a wizard's guild) and Rideback (Action drama, about an ex-ballerina who becomes a mecha-motorcycle rider and gets involved in a revolution) as soon as cataloging gets them into the computer system.

And, of course, we've been adding plenty of high-interest mainstream movies as well, plus foreign films and non-fiction. Check out My Secret Cache, a Japanese comedy about a girl obsessed with money, or the Canadian film, Gunless, a western where American gunfighter The Montana Kid ends up in a small Canadian town where nobody has a decent pistol.

The next Anime Afternoon is planned for April 21--put it on your calendar!