Saturday, May 26, 2012

Captain, we are fully functional! And, Summer Wars

Well, almost. We are awaiting the delivery of one short cable from Amazon, but by this Friday's movie, the new projection system will be completely ready, with overhead projection, stereo sound, hi-def, and across-the-front seating! No more "Get your shadow out of the picture, kid" unless the kids are really tall!

Many thanks to Dan for stringing the wires, and to Ashley Davis for help with set-up!

Our movie screening contract prohibits us from advertising the titles of movies we are showing, but anime is not covered by our contract and screening permission must be requested directly from the anime companies (who almost always agree.)

Therefore, if Funimation approves our request to show Summer Wars, last year's big hit movie, we can advertise the title all we like! It's an action comedy about a boy who is dragged along to a family reunion, only to get involved in battling a computer virus that is about to take over the virtual world of Oz. It's a great, very fun movie. Parents might want to be warned, though, that there is a fair amount of swearing and a few other questionable scenes. (It is rated PG.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

New toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's movie will be the first shown with our new, high-definition projector, for the very best quality picture yet! Woot! There was a little difficulty getting it set up. The default aspect ratio had to be changed in the blu-ray player, and we could no longer use our old audio cable and had to figure out how to make the amp work with an alternate hook-up. But it all seems to be working now! And we should be able to control the volume with a remote, which means no more sneaking up in front of you to crank the volume! :D Best of all, we hope to install a ceiling mount for the projector eventually. When that happens, people will be able to sit right down the center of the floor without blocking the projector. We're just waiting for Dan to figure out how to attach it up there without breaking the ceiling tiles or shorting out the lights. Hope to see you all soon for more and better movie viewing!