Thursday, June 22, 2017

Exciting new movies!

I have to say, this is a great time to be scheduling the Friday Night movies. So many top-level new releases that we're scheduled all the way to Halloween! I keep a couple of emergency fall-back movies in the drawer in case of a lack of good new releases, but have not had to trot any of them out for some time. (Justin and the Knights of Valor finally got used when the BFG DVD release date was delayed for the second time.) If you are curious, the emergency movies we are holding in reserve are Beyond Beyond and April & the Extraordinary World.

More exciting new anime titles, both dubbed in English! We have GATE, the story of the military action that takes place when a portal to a fantasy world opens, and a unit of the Japanese Defense Force is sent to investigate. Also new is the animated version of School-Live! We have also just added Volume 7 of the manga. This is the story of a club that lives at their school and never leaves...for very good reasons.

Sadly, we have had a couple of brand new movie titles stolen off the shelf recently. It's sad to think someone would steal from the whole community like that. When it happens, I have the choice of spending movie budget money to replace the stolen items (instead of adding even more new titles) and feeling as if I am subsidizing the thief's collection, or just ignoring the theft and not having those stolen movies available for the rest of our community. We wil have to take some new anti-theft measures if this continues.