Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anime afternoon! Wheeee!

Instead of a Friday evening movie, this week is our thirteenth Anime Afternoon, a special event where we watch a marathon of Japanese cartoons. It lasts from 4pm to midnight, but anyone can leave when they want and arrive when they want, because the shows are all around half an hour long.

We do advise that anime is intended for teen to adult audiences, as these programs might contain anything fom mild swearing and disturbing foreign customs to full nudity and extreme violence.

We will have some door proizes--mostly back issues of Shonen Jump--and as always will have some snacks and sandwich fixin's. This year I am attempting to make the infamous Japanese-style curry rice for all--whee!

This Saturday should be entertaining, because in addition to our old favorites, many new titles have been added to the library system. Seymour's newest addition is the full series Negima! (Rightstuf had the $90 box set on sale for $24! Woo hoo!) The Appleton library has added Shin-chan and Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit to the mix, and I'll be bringing some new weird stuff from my personal collection, including The Legend of Black Heaven, Kujibiki Unbalance, Genshiken and Gatchaman.

Hope to see all you smiling, happy Otaku on Saturday!