Monday, January 18, 2016


Starting February 8th, this will be the Year of the Fire Monkey--doesn't that sound exciting? :D

Sad to say goodbye to two awesome legends this month, David Bowie (Labyrinth, Zoolander) and Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Galaxy Quest, Die Hard.)

With a new year, as always, comes a new budget! So far we have replaced several damaged and broken items from last year and caught up on some new releases. Do you have suggestions for what you would like us to add this year? Or movies you would like us to screen on Friday Night Movie nights? (Please don't suggest old Disney classics...everybody loves them, but nobody shows up to watch them here.)

New anime this year: readers of the Library Wars manga will be excited to know we will soon be adding the anime series! (Called Library War. They lost the 's' somewhere.) If it's listed in the catalog, it will be added to the shelves later this week (as soon as I finish watching it, ha ha, ha....) I will also soon be ordering Shangri-La, the series that was such a hit at the last Anime Halloween.