Friday, February 25, 2011

More anime and stuff

Well, the 83rd Academy Awards are coming up! I think Toy Story 3 has the Best Animated Film in the bag, don't you? It was disappointing that Despicable Me didn't get an nomination, though. That was another excellent film.

Gearing up for the next Anime Afternoon already, coming up on April 2. As always, we will have curry rice, Japanese candy, Pocky and snacks.

The Muehl Public Library has added a lot of new anime already this year. We have the complete collection of Vampire Knight, sure to delight Twilight fans and other angsty Vampire romance groupies. We have the first half of Black Butler, for those who prefer their anime more ghoulish and funny. Those are both dubbed in English, too--so many new anime are only available subtitled now. In the subtitled department, we have added the first part of Gin Tama (sci-fi samurai comedy adventures) and parts 3 and 4 of Eyeshield 21 (Football, comedy.)

In regular cartoons we have added the complete Dangermouse series (British secret agent mouse!) and the Best of Fat Albert.